To: President Donald Trump, Sen. Robert Casey (PA-1), and Sen. Patrick Toomey (PA-2)

Reject right-wing David Porter as a federal judge

We urge Senators Casey and Toomey to abandon their backroom deal to nominate right-wing activist David Porter to become a judge in the Western PA District Court. Judges need to have the temperament to make decisions based on the law, not on their political ideology.

Why is this important?

Keystone Progress has learned that a backroom deal by Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey may result in President Obama appointing a Tea Party lawyer to serve as judge on the Western Pennsylvania District Court in Pittsburgh.

The nomination of David J. Porter is working its way to the White House as part of a deal between Pennsylvania’s two United States Senators. Senators Casey and Toomey are expected to jointly present Porter to President Obama any day now as part of a deal that will allow Casey to nominate people for 3 other vacancies.

Insiders say Toomey and the Republican Party are willing to make any deals necessary to get Porter on the bench. He represents the type of jurist the GOP hopes to place on the bench across the country.

Porter is not just a lawyer with a right-wing point of view. He is a right wing activist and leader in anti-choice, anti-marriage equality, pro-gun movements in Pennsylvania.

He is not just a member of the Republican Party. Porter is well-known in legal circles for being part of the Rick Santorum wing of the Republican Party. In fact, he has served as Santorum’s counsel.

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Reasons for signing

  • I am a moderate Republican and am SICK of the Tea Party politics. I am switching to become an Independent if this crap continues. Do NOT nominate such a radical to a federal judge seat. We need reasonable judges, not political ones.
  • Work to keep our judiciary forward-thinking; not regressive.
  • How about approving Rebecca Haywood for the 3rd Circuit instead of David Porter? Her qualifications are numerous and impressive.