To: The Alabama State Senate and Governor Kay Ivey

Reject the Freedom of Religion in Marriage Protection Act

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Reject the Freedom of Religion in Marriage Protection Act because it is discriminatory, unnecessary, and ultimately will not survive a legal challenge. It will only cause further expensive litigation and harm to our state. The Alabama laws banning same-sex marriage have already been ruled unconstitutional. The State of Alabama has faced several expensive lawsuits because of their stance against marriage equality, and this bill will only create further litigation against the state and organizations who use this law as a shield for discrimination. The State of Alabama has already wasted enough taxpayer money on this issue, at a time when we already can't afford to pay our bills. Fiscal responsibility alone is enough reason to block this bill. Marriage equality is about to be the law of the land when the United State Supreme Court rules later this term. Equality for all of the citizens of Alabama is a goal our state should be working toward - not against.

Why is this important?

This bill is not about religious freedom at all - it is rooted in discrimination. The State of Alabama has a huge budget shortfall and can not afford to pay its bills. Enough Alabama taxpayer money has already been wasted creating and defending discriminatory laws, only for them to be struck down in federal courts. This is another one of those laws. Let's stop it now, before we have to pay the legal bills for it later.