To: Dean Stensberg, parole chairman, Edward Wall, WI DOC Secretary, The Wisconsin State House, and The Wisconsin State Senate

Release Eric Rivera to his loving family

Name: Eric Rivera 302971, FLCI

Eric is 35 now, has been in prison for 17 years (since 1998), on a charge of 1st degree reckless homicide and 1st degree recklessly endangering safety. His sentence was 45 years which meant that he was eligible for parole after 11 ¼ years. His record of achievement is impressive and includes MATC college correspondence courses plus all the programming allowed him. He has a loving family who s waiting to have him home.

Eric Rivera is one of the hundreds of Old Law prisoners that are given impossible requirements for release. In his case he is supposed to transition to minimum security but the prisons are stuffed and openings are hard to come by. People wait years.

Here is his mother’s statement:

“Eric has been incarcerated for 17 years, served sufficient time, has completed all programs available, demonstrated positive behavior change and has an amazing support system (family and friends) that will assist him in re-integrating into society. I am sure that if given the opportunity he will be a great addition to our community.

Why is this important?

I am Eric’s mother. My whole family has long been waiting for him and we know he is ready. There must be a way that parole is opened up for these prisoners. Upon closing I pray that my son is allowed the opportunity of coming back home. His internal scars will forever remind him of his bad choices. I have faith that on top of that mountain of NO’S there is a YES for our family. We will forever be graciously thankful.


Reasons for signing

  • I believe would be better free for faimly,state,and himself
  • I've known Mr.Rivera since he was a child,been raised in PR. At that time he was a very happy and intelligent kid,I think with the change of environment or moving to the states with his mother looking for better opportunities as to get ahead in life,the neighborhood environment a different customs a sense of not belonging and other causes associated when a person moves to another country maybe where reasons for him to be in the wrong place with the wrong people.I think that he's done a lot ...
  • With Eric's faith in God, along with the amazing support system we have established for his continued success and stability to maintain a normal life in the real world, he is one of the few men whom I would feel confident in petitioning for release. Eric deserves to come home to his loving family after all of his hard work and accomplishments behind bars. I appreciate your ability to review his case thouroughly and make the best decision. Thankyou for reading my comments regarding this pet...