To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Release Republicans from Norquist's "No-Tax Pledge"

We the undersigned do understand the importance of Budget and Debt negotiations. We feel that the "Americans For Tax Reform: Taxpayer Protection Pledge" is preventing honest negotiations In Good Faith. We would prefer our elected officials act in the Best Interests of The People of The United States of America, rather than being restricted to any Contract that is neither contained within the Constitution of The United States, nor was submitted to the American People for approval or vote.

We, The American People, hereby RELEASE you from your contract with US!

We further grant you the permission to raise taxes on The Rich, close tax loopholes, and end tax subsidies for Oil Companies.

Why is this important?

Republicans intransigent position on addressing REVENUE increases in order to help solve our National Debt and Budget issues threaten to plunge our Country into Economic Depression that would be devastating to America and throughout the world. Our goal is to enable and encourage genuine negotiations and forward progress within Congress on both the debate concerning raising the Debt Ceiling, and the Budget Debate, by nullifying Grover Norquists' "Taxpayer Protection Pledge"