To: The Pennsylvania State Senate

Release The Hate Crime Bill From Your Judiciary Committee, Stewart.

Senator Greenleaf, we ask you to release Senate Bill 42 from the Judiciary Committee. It has languished there since January of 2013 and meanwhile hate crimes like the one on September 11th in Philadelphia continue to occur.

It is unconscionable that Pennsylvania is one of the few states not to have such a provision and it is you that is holding it up.

Why is this important?

To press Senator Greenleaf to stop blocking the Hate Crime legislation before his committee.


Reasons for signing

  • We are tired of your shameless party backed bigotry.
  • Great platform! Go Ruth! We need more like you!!
  • I have a family member i love dearly and several friends who have been physically attacked simply because of a perceptio and bogotted response from their assalants. no words were echanged to provke anyone. It was simply hate. Freedom of speech, whe involved, can be dealt with case by case. but when someone walks by you and pushes you to the groung and then tells you they can because you're a that not hate motivated?