To: Portland School Board

Relieve Principal Torres Relevar a la Directora Torres

I believe Principle Torres continued employment as Principal at Beach represents a threat to the collective success of the school and each student's opportunity for success. I am asking that you act to remove her from this post immediately and find a replacement that can perform at a level of professionalism a parent would expect to receive from a PPS principal.

Creo que el hecho que el Director Torres continuo siendo empleado como director en la escuela Beach representa una amenaza para el éxito colectivo de la escuela y las oportunidades que tienen los estudiantes para el éxito. Estoy pidiendo que se actúe para sacarla de este puesto inmediatamente y encontrar un sustituto que puede realizar en un nivel de profesionalismo que los padres desean de un director de PPS.
Antecedentes: Esta petición se inició debido a las preocupaciones muy serias con el desempeño de la directora Torres en la escuela Beach. Soy padre de tres estudiantes de la escuela Beach y en el primer año que la Directora Torres ha estado ahí he sido testigo de un deterioro significativo en la moral escolar y existen serias dudas sobre la capacidad de que la escuela imparta una educación de calidad bajo su cargo.

Why is this important?

This petition was started due to very serious concerns with the performance of Principal Torres at Beach School. I am a parent of three students at Beach and in Principal Torres' first year I have witnessed significant deterioration in the school morale and serious doubts arise about the schools ability to deliver quality education under her watch.

Beach has a strong, diverse community of involved parents and teachers that have created a school environment which is the envy of many other public schools. In her first year Principal Torres has been a poor communicator, a poor planner, a poor collaborator, and largely disengaged from the teachers, students, and parents that make up the school community. It now appears many teachers will leave the school due to her lack of support and leadership.


Reasons for signing

  • Rebecca lacks the ability to communicate and is very disrespectful. I truly believe that she is not fit to lead a school.
  • When you have someone like principal Torres who believes that budget cuts are what drives this petitions then you have someone who is absolutely not connected to the reality of running a school. She did not learn or does not understand the basic fundamentals of of running a successful school. She is one who has no interest in including the staff or the community in her secret agenda. Non-communication, deception and de-valuing staff is how she rules over this wonderful school - PLEASE s...
  • You people requesting to have Principle Torres removed are stupid and ridiculous. Beach was a screwed up school when Tom was there. He had less leadership and communication skills then Torres. Every school in the Portland Public school district is facing budget cuts in every program. Beach is not exempt to cuts either. I really think this is a power struggle. I like principle Torres, and think she is doing a great job under the circumstances. The problem with Beach school is not the princip...

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