To: Pope Benedict, Pontiff of the Catholic Church

Religious Freedom

Dear Pope Benedict,
We respectfully request that you end your attack on the religious freedom of non-Catholics who work for Catholic institutions. If an institution offers birth-control as part of their health care package, no Catholic is REQUIRED to obtain and
use birth-control. On the other hand, by not offering birth-control as part of health care benefits, you are interfering with the religous freedom of non-Catholics who feel a spiritual and moral obligation to limit population growth and protect the limited resources of our planet. Providing birth-control does not IMPOSE anything on anybody. All Catholic women have the opportunity to decline such benefits. However, by refusing to offer birth-control, you are imposing your religious beliefs on others. Many people work for Catholic hospitals, schools, and other organizations, without becoming Catholic or subscribing to the Catholic faith. They MUST be allowed their religous freedom.

Why is this important?

It is asking the Pope to stop interferring with the religous freedom of non-Catholics who work for Catholic institutions. By refusing to provide birth-control for non-Catholic employees, he is interferring with the rights of people who feel a sincere spiritual and religious responsibility to limit population growth on this planet, and to make sure that they only give birth to children for whom they can provide.