To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Relist Wolves

We, the people of the United States of America, supported the Endangered Species Act (ESA) which protected animals through a legitimate scientific process. That process was upheld and protected via the courts. The rider that stripped wolves from the ESA is unpatriotic, was not supported by most Americans, caves in to special lobbying anti wolf extremists, and is unscientific. It is outrageous that the rider that stripped wolves of their ESA protections went against public support, the courts, and the intent of Congress in implementing the ESA. It is extremely disturbing that the rider also prevents any review by the courts of the so-called "wolf management plans" that are calling for killing up to 60% of our wolves in the first year. It is disgusting that these animals will be trapped, poisoned and shot on sight, even in our national wild lands. I call on our Congress to rescind the ESA rider and to restore wolves to their rightful place on the Endangered Species List.

Why is this important?

Wolves were recently removed from the Endangered Species Act protections. They are now being hunted, trapped, and snared often suffering terrible pain before death in these barbaric torture devices. Despite the public's support of wolf recovery, and in contravention of the court's holdings that kept them protected the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the urging of special interest groups, pushed wolves off the ESA and into the hands of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming where the state "management" plans call for killing almost all of their wolves. The method by which this was achieved was via a sleazy backdoor non-germane rider that was pushed for by ranchers, sportsmen and hunting groups. This is the first time that any animal was targeted to be removed from the ESA. Not only is it bad for wolves but it has opened the door to target other species from being protected under this key legislation. We need wolves placed back on the ESA by another act of Congress. Take your legislators to task.


Reasons for signing

  • Without 600 extend me and my family will be homeless
  • Please! Protect our wolves, allow them to live and grow. Only our protection can allow them the lives they so desperately deserve.
  • Hi, I'm wondering where people think there pet dog, that they hopefully love and care for, originated from. The wolf is your pet's ancestor. Yeah. I love the wolf. God said we are to care for the Earth and the animals as their guardians, the same verbiage is used for children. We must care for them all. It's in the bible.

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