To: Broward County Commissioner Kiar, The Florida State House, The Florida State Senate, and Governor Ron DeSantis

Remove 700,000 tires from Ft. Lauderdale Beach, Florida

Remove all 700,000 tires from Ft. Lauderdale Beach. During the next tidal surge, these tires will destroy the reefs from West Palm to Miami.

Why is this important?

For 8 years, the community has demanded the removal of this disaster. After spending 3 million dollars over three years, only 60,000 tires were removed! Now the latest proposal is to spend 2 million dollars over two years to remove 100,000 tires, leaving 600,000 tires with their tie straps deteriorating. This is unacceptable! The local salvage community believes with use of proper equipment, a tub grinder, all of these tires could be removed at the same cost in the same time frame.

Enough is enough. Time is of the essence: Stop this disaster before it becomes a major marine environmental disaster.

Sign this petition demanding more for your dollar. Efficiency is the key to this project. Save our Oceans.