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To: Crandall Police Department

Removal of Police Service Fee - Highbridge - Crandall, Texas

As a community, we feel as if the $21 police service fee that we receive monthly on our Inframark bill is not being used to its full potential as we do not see an active presence by the City of Crandall Police Department. As a community, we are requesting that this fee be drastically reduced or removed from our Inframark bill.

Why is this important?

As a community we should expect that our local police department will have an active role in our area. As of yet we have not seen the presence to justify the $21 charge. This charge is not only unjustified but it is a burden for families that are forced to pay the fee when the cost of uninvolved police presence could be paying for other critical needs such as utilities, food, or pleasure. Join me in signing this position to bring our voices together to stop this unjustified and unnecessary fee.



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