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To: Groton Board of Ed

Remove Columbus Day From Groton Public Schools

Remove Columbus Day From Groton Public Schools

Remove Columbus from the curriculum.

Why is this important?

He Was an Initiator of Indigenous Slave Trade.
Columbus noted that the natives he encountered were kind and giving … and that he planned to use that kindness against them. What resulted was genocide, rape, mutilations and a variety of other atrocities.

We Celebrate a Murderous Undocumented Immigrant While Disparaging Hardworking & Honest Undocumented Immigrants Today.

Columbus Wasn’t Even the First Explorer to Arrive in the Americas.

By celebrating Columbus, we are ignoring a significant aspect of his legacy: genocide. None of Columbus's accomplishments outway the costs of the human lives that he took. It is abundantly clear that Columbus Day should be replaced with a day that honors the lives taken under Columbus’s rule.

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  • Columbus was a pedophile, a rapist, and participated in the genocide of indigenous people on this land. To give him a national holiday is to say that that is what our nation celebrates.


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