To: Bernadette Ray, Principal and Carla J. Santorno, Superintendent

Remove Mike Jankanish From Teaching At Wilson High

Mike Jankanish is a history teacher at Wilson High School.
He is also an open racist who opposes ethnic studies as a concept.
He must be removed from teaching.

Why is this important?

As an alumni of Wilson High School, I find an open racist working as a history teacher unacceptable for our city's children. Mr. Jankanish's recent op-ed in The News Tribune opposing a bill encouraging ethnic studies displays his racism for all to see.

He should not be teaching in our schools.


Reasons for signing

  • Mr jankanish is a teacher that while I took APUSH at my time in Wilson actively bragged about failing students, railed against socialism or any ideals contrary to his own and even bragged about wasting paper he must be removed from the AP program as he makes students who love to learn history less enthusiastic and most often drop out of his AP classes.
  • What Jackie said
  • This is simply unacceptable behavior. This teacher needs to be let go by Wilson High School and Tacoma Public Schools.

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