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To: Walmart BoD

Remove MyPillow products from Walmart’s shelves

Remove MyPillow products from Walmart’s shelves

The crux of the issue is this, as customers we must balance the pros and cons of going into every store and placing each item into our carts. In this day and age, with many lies being thrown into public discourse, worrying about where our dollars are going is more important than ever. By continuing to sell low-quality products from the MyPillow brand, the Walmart corporation damages their own image as middle-men for Mike Lindell to amass a fortune to be used in order to overturn a democratic election. Walmart sells a wide variety of pillows and other sleep related products, removal of this product would drive up sales for better brands and possibly even in-store brands.

Why is this important?

Walmart is a great place to find a wide array of low-cost essentials among other things. However, recently it has caught my attention that Walmart stores are still selling MyPillow brand pillows. I like Walmart for the quality products I get for a specific price point. With the CEO of MyPillow supporting the capitol insurrection and the lies about election fraud, I’m disheartened by Walmart’s refusal to cease the sales of these products. I worry that allowing CEOs to lie publicly and spark unnecessary discourse about our democratic elections. Hopefully with enough signatures, we can let Walmart know that we’d like to continue shopping at their stores, but not while they sell products who’s profits go towards overturning a democratic election.

How it will be delivered

I plan on both emailing and sending a physical copy of this petition to the Walmart Corporate office.



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