To: Suzanne Case, Chairperson for DLNR

Remove Nature Conservancy Suzanne Case from being the new Chairperson for DLNR

Protect our Hunting, Fishing, Diving & Surviving! Remove Nature Conservancy Director Suzanne Case from being the new Chairperson for DLNR.

Why is this important?

We the residents of Hawaii depend on the animals that we're given to King Kamehameha so we the people could be self sustainable. Allowing Nature Conservancy Director Suzanne Case to head the Department of Land and Natural Resources will be a total disaster to our race and our culture. With Suzanne Case being the Chairperson of DLNR there will be no animals to harvest because of fences and eradication. People of Hawaii, one day the ships will stop coming and the only thing that we will have to eat is the animals in the forest, fish that swim in the sea, and the produce that that our farmers produce!!! Remove Nature Conservancy Director Suzanne Case NOW before its to late!


Reasons for signing

  • Shes a disgrace for any animals and people in general
  • I oppose of Suzanne Case to be DLNR’s Chairperson
  • She has shown much disrespect to the indigenous peoples of Hawaii in her underhanded dealings with Mauna a Wakea and other important Hawaiian cultural, historic and religious sites. Do not allow her to continue in this crucial position.

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