To: Government of Japan/Prime Minister Abe

Remove Tepco Before You Remove That Fuel

The hot radioactive fuel rods at Fukushima Unit Four must be removed to a safer place as soon as possible. But the Tokyo Electric Power Company does not have the financial, scientific or engineering capability to do that and the other critical work there. We ask the government of Japan to remove Tepco and find a more capable team to take control of the Fukushima site. Please look at the letter sent UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon ( ). There can be no higher priority than bringing the Fukushima disaster under control. See and for updated information.

Why is this important?

The management of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear site demands a team of the world's best scientists and engineers, and sufficient financial resources to attempt to handle the situation. We are concerned that Tokyo Electric Power Company is not best suited for removing the hot fuel rods from Fukushima Unit Four or doing what needs to be done the site as a whole.