To: The Ohio State House and The Ohio State Senate

Remove Timothy J. Grendell from the Office of Probate Judge

We ask the Ohio General Assembly to exercise their powers under the Ohio Constitution to remove Timothy J. Grendell from the office of Probate Judge in Geauga County.

Why is this important?

For over 50 years, the park system has been operating within it's founding guidelines with Conservation as the primary focus. In changing that focus, Timothy J. Grendell has overstepped his statutory authority as Probate Judge, is deliberately and harmfully ignoring the will of the people, and is wrongfully imposing his personal and political vision upon the Geauga Park District. We believe his actions are an improper aggrandizement of the powers of the office of Probate Judge and an abuse of the prestige of that office. He has undermined public respect for the office of Probate Judge and has caused serious and substantial harm to the Geauga Park District.