To: Walter Kane Esq., Teamsters Local 812 Attorney Walter Kane

Remove Walter Kane as Teamsters Local 812 Attorney

To expose Teamsters Local 812 President Ed Weber and REMOVE Cary Kane LLP. as the Local 812 Attorney due to their continuous advice of how to threaten, write letters stating fear of baseless criminal charges against the membership of Teamsters Local 812. Members who are free to speak up against the leadership as per their rights. That very membership that pays Walter Kane and the Law Firm of Cary Kane LLP thousands of dollars generated by members dues each month to act in the best interests of the members and the union.

Why is this important?

To expose the leadership of Teamsters Local 812 unlawful conversion of 812 Memberships Dues money to Cary Kane LLP and Walter Kane esq. for their own political gain and survival. We want to remove Attorney Walter Kane or the Law Firm of Cary Kane LLP that is paid by Local 812 members Union Dues due to their actions, advise against the Local 812 membership. Retainer fees are now being used defend the leadership, consult the leadership and advise the leadership on how to threaten and intimidate the Local 812 members. To scare away members that stand up to this 812 leadership in their requests for a fair and legitimate investigation over the possible misdeeds by the Teamster Local 812 Leaders Ed Weber, Joe Vitta, John Visconti, Angel Martinez, Jim Surdi and Tom Staropoli. Illegally using membership money to retain an apparent anti member Law Firm to serve and advise the best interests of the leadership of Local 812. To use tactics of intimidation that are both deliberate and retaliatory against Teamster Local 812 members both professionally and personally in order to terminate and quiet the Teamster Local 812 members from standing up and being heard.