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To: Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Remplissez le bus ( Fill the bus )

Autoriser le service de bus complet en suivant les instructions ici ( Allow full bus service by following the instructions here )

Why is this important?

La ville de Detroit a besoin d'un service de bus public sûr et abordable pour tout le monde. C'est une cause internationale parce qu'elle sauvera des vies, fournira plus d'emplois et est nécessaire par ceux qui sont dépendants de transit.

(The city of Detroit needs safe and affordable public bus service for everyone. This is an international cause because it will save lives, provide more jobs, and is needed by those who are transit-dependent.)


Reasons for signing

  • Transportation for everyone is important
  • I want world wide transit
  • Used public transit in 70's for work at High School co-op job and returned in @ 2015 for green savings (environment and $) and health benefts. Now I have to use it due to disabilty. Public transit works great for me only because I moved right next to Wooward/main route. Please help make public transit a better option for other residents. On top of other benefits, I've enjoyred meeting new people and growing my "bus family"!


2020-09-06 16:11:43 -0400

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