To: Mayor Riley and Mayor Riley, Mayor

Rename Calhoun St, Charleston, SC

Replace the name of Calhoun St in Charleston,SC with Clementa Pinckney St. Replace the name of the street where Emanuel AME Church is on from the name of a white supremacist , John C Calhoun, to a man of peace, one of the unfortunate victims of the AME church massacre.

Why is this important?

It's time for change in Charleston. Black and white must come together to rid our city of symbols of white supremacy and segregation. Street names should be bestowed on individuals deserving of honor. Americans of all colors can agree that John C Calhoun does not deserve such an honor in our city, especially after the tragic events at Emanuel AME Church which has to endure the indignity of having as its address the name of such a man like John C Calhoun. Charleston's children growing up in this city deserve better individuals to honor than Calhoun, and Rev Clementa Pinckney is one such name.