To: Bill Ham, Mayor

Rename "Mike Hubbard Blvd" to "Cam Newton Run"

Let's capture the Auburn spirit while depoliticizing an expected rename.

Why is this important?

With exit 57 serving as a prominent gateway to Auburn fans, prospective students, opponents and the like, "Cam Newton Run" recognizes one of Auburn's most famous graduates and athletes who has served as a prominent and effective ambassador for Auburn both on and off the field. This renane also serves as a way to depoliticize what may be considered by many in this community to be a painful yet imminent name change . WDE and thanks for the support.


Reasons for signing

  • This ABSOLUTELY has to happen ASAP!!!! Mike Hubbard's name doesn't belong on ANYTHING in that city ANYMORE and what better way to honor CAMERON NEWTON THA BEST FOOTBALL ON THA PLANET EARTH
  • Rename Mike Hubbard Blvd to Cam Newton Run!!!!!!
  • Cam newton is one of the best players to ever come out of auburn we fans think he at least deserves a road named after him thanks you

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