To: The Texas State House, The Texas State Senate, and Governor Greg Abbott

Rename Robert E Lee Road, Austin, TX

The confederate flag and related historical names represent terrorism towards a race of people. Let's get rid of hate from our street names in Austin.

Why is this important?

Mass shootings have to stop like the one in Charleston. People are dying. Let's stop encouraging hate and hateful symbols and names associated with slavery of an entire population of human beings on this earth.


Reasons for signing

  • Confederate soldiers should not be celebrated in any way. They did not fight for this country or to preserve it. They fought to destroy it. They fought to subjugate an entire race of humans for their own personal gains, and most importantly, they lost. They are not heroes. They are terrorists and traitors, and traitors do not deserve recognition in public areas! They only belong in history books and museums, to educate people about the horrific things they did.
  • Name it something positive, not hateful and racist
  • Is VERY easy. Change the L to a K and add an N - Robert E. Keen Road....