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To: Ann Moller Caen, President, San Francisco Public Utility Commission

Save Montara Mountain

Save Montara Mountain

The San Francisco Public Utility Commission (SF PUC) recently closed North Peak of Montara mountain with no public notice or comment period. Montara North Peak has been used for decades for a variety of low-impact recreation activities such as hiking, running and mountain biking.

This was decided as part of the "Montara Mountain Rainfall Prediction and Radio Replacement Project".

We would like to discuss with the SF PUC an option to keep North Peak in a way that is compatible with the weather station project and with mitigation of any concerns around the endangered butterfly habitat.

Why is this important?

My family and friends have been using Montara Mountain for decades as a primary recreation space, as it's mostly managed by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. North Peak is a top destination for hikers, runners and bikers, and closure of the peak dramatically impacts the recreational opportunities for the community. More information in this powerpoint:


Reasons for signing

  • Part of the reason we live here in Pacifica is for the rural landscape. We do not need any more building.
  • There is no need for the construction to be in that precise spot. Moving it 20 ft. could save the panoramic views from the peak.
  • Please keep the summit open. This space is our treasure!


2019-12-21 15:09:21 -0500

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