To: Illinois State Representative Anthony DeLuca, Illinois State Representative Al Riley, Illinois State Representative Emily McAsey, Illinois State Representative Lawrence M. Walsh, Jr., Illinois State Senator Donne E. Trotter, and Illinois...

Rep. Anthony De Luca, please support a BAN on fracking in Illinois!

The fracking industry is just too powerful for any state government to be trusted to ensure that it is done safely with little or no negative effects on the environment, or to the public.

The Illinois General Assembly could pass a bill allowing the oil and gas industry to frack in Illinois any day, with very weak laws to regulate them. The laws will not protect us, our environment and waters from the horrendous impacts of fracking.

I urge each of you to support a BAN on any proposed fracking in Illinois, for the sake of the environment and its citizens! Say “NO” to Fracking Regulatory Act, HB 2615!

Why is this important?

The gas and oil industries have their eyes on at least 17 counties in southern Illinois, as prospects for fracking. Myths about “clean” energy must be dispelled. Those living in the vicinity of where fracking is done have suffered deaths of their animals, have unexplained illnesses, constant headaches, nausea, and deaths. The unleashed methane has caused water faucets, when turned on, to become “blow torches,” and even homes to explode. Wells have exploded. Millions of gallons of water coupled with toxic chemicals are used to inject into rock formations to break them up, the “run-offs” of which foul our waters . . . .and where is the end to water befoulment? Fracking also can cause earthquakes. Fracking is just plain dangerous to our environment period!