To: Frank LoBiondo

Rep Frank LoBiondo should host a Town Hall meeting

Rep. Frank LoBiondo, District 2: has denied his constituents the opportunity to ask questions in a proper Town Hall setting, which can accommodate large numbers of voters.

Several groups have had small meetings, limited to 12 persons, per meeting only. The majority of the voters are out there and still haven't had a chance to meet with Rep. LoBiondo.

We are asking Rep. LoBiondo to agree to host a Town Hall meeting during the next recess. There are many issues that concerned voters need to discuss with him directly.

Why is this important?

Constituents have not had an opportunity to air their concerns to the Rep. in a large setting, and therefore are extremely frustrated.

Rep. LoBiondo serves on the Congressional Intelligence Committee and constituents want answers about Donald Trump's connections to the Russian government, full disclosure of Trump's financials and full transparency.

Constituents also need to discuss Trump Administration's reckless approach to many issues such as: ACA, Entitlements, the EPA/environment, out of control spending (ICE agents, "the wall", etc.), Immigration ban & deportation force & Trumps exorbitant travel expenses for first month.

Constituents also need the ability to challenge irresponsible budget cuts proposing to eliminate Public Broadcasting & National Public Radio, by killing the CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) & arts programs funded by the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts), CPB & NEA make up less than .02% of Federal Budget.