To: The Georgia State House

Rep. Graves: Hold the 14th's first town hall!

We are your constituents who live in Georgia's 14th Congressional District. We ask for the opportunity to question Rep. Graves on his positions regarding the Affordable Care Act, voting rights, the Environmental Protection Agency, immigration, and other issues of concern for his constituents.

From Rep. Graves' website:
"Congressman Graves hosted a series of Town Hall meetings across Georgia's 9th Congressional District in August/September 2011."

That's 5.5 years. Back before the 14th even existed. It's not just timeā€”it's overdue.

Why is this important?

Representative Graves has not held a town hall in the history of the 14th Congressional District which is now 5 years old. The citizens of the 12 counties he represents deserve the chance to voice their concerns and know that he heard them.