To: The Washington State Senate and Governor Jay Inslee



SB 1435 was passed by the entire Washington Senate allowing mortgages to be reconveyed without authentic notes and real parties of interest. This is against our constitutional property rights. What the measure enables is the laundering of ill-gotten gains, removing the ability to question as to whether or not it is stolen property - and of course negating the right of the person from which it was stolen to any legal remedy. These are the grounds on which I see it as unconstitutional. This amendment to RCW 61.24.110 which laid out a case for the lack of need (See RCW's 61.24.020 and 61.16.020-.030) and alarmingly unconstitutional of the amendment, see reference (See Wash. Const. Art. IV Sec. 6). The amendment to RCW 61.24.110 causes the DTA to be unconstitutional. Our forefathers wrote the US Constitution to:

Empowered Congress to protect intellectual property by authorizing copyright and patent laws (I-8-8).

* They granted Congress authority to punish piracy, a crime directed principally against property (I-8-10).

* They denied Congress and the states authority to pass ex post facto laws (I-9-3 and I-10), a ban that some of the Founders thought would protect property.

* When it became clear that the ban on ex post facto laws was not broad enough to protect property, they partially plugged the gap with the Fifth Amendment, which (1) prevented any person from being “deprived of . . . property, without due process of law” and (2) required compensation when “property [was] taken for public use.”

* They added a section (Article I, Section 10) with several provisions protecting financial assets against state governments.

* They granted the federal courts jurisdiction over interstate land claims and interstate debts to limit the extent to which state courts could discriminate against the property rights of out-of-staters (III-2-1 and III-2-2).

* They adopted the Fourth Amendment, which protected “persons, houses, papers, and effects” from unreasonable search and seizure.

* They added the Eighth Amendment, which barred excessive fines

* They also inserted a number of other checks and balances, designed partly to protect minorities from unfair property confiscations.

NOTE: . This bill now mistakenly passed by our Washington State Governor Inslee and the entire Washington State Senate in Olympia, This bill in general allows stolen property to be sold by thieves WITHOUT PROOF OF AUTHENTIC NOTES OR REAL PARTIES OF INTEREST.

Why is this important?

Bill SB 1435 is unconstitutional and in general allows stolen property to be sold by thieves.