To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Repeal MEGAN's Law

Repeal Megan's Law and SORNA requirements. Develop registry information that is only available to law enforcement.
Provide MANDATORY prison sentence for anyone who uses knowledge of the location of a former offender in order to commit any act of harassment, vandalism or violence against that person or any other person mistakenly identified as a former offender or any innocent bystander.

Remove and expunge the records of any registrant who was convicted of any "Romeo & Juliet" offense.

Why is this important?

American Justice demands second chances. Persons convicted of sex offenses, who have served their time have a lower recidivism rate than almost any other criminal. We expect those who have served their time to reform and become productive citizens. At the same time, without any evidence in support, lawmakers created an impossible set of rules that server to make it almost impossible for these people to become productive citizens again.

The only persons who really should know where former offenders live are law enforcement persons, not the general public. FBI statistics show that a person released for other types of offenses is MORE LIKELY to commit a sex offense than are former sex offenders.

These laws punish the entire family of a former offender, often forcing those families to evict their own sons or daughters or lose their homes. Former offenders cannot find suitable homes or jobs. Many become homeless with no address to report.

Vigilantes have used registries to harass, fire bomb, vandalize and even murder former offenders. In a few cases innocent persons have been mistaken for someone on registries and murdered.

Persons have been branded for life this way because they had sex with their own girlfriends who happened to be under 18 at the time...even for public urination !


Reasons for signing

  • Were told that this was set up to protect children but what about the children of RSO’s that are allowed to live with their parents? When someone throws bricks through windows or decides to shoot up a RSO’s home then where is the protection for those children?
  • Needs to be abolished. Doesn’t protect anyone and it’s s forever punishment. They already went to jail.
  • The registry needs to be abolished .. it does not protect anyone and is everlasting punishment to those who have paid their debt to society. No other category of crime requires this.

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