To: Nobel

Repeal Obama's Nobel

Dear Nobel, We believe that the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in good faith to President Obama.

We also believe that President Obama has not honored that good faith by failing to honestly investigate torture committed by the US Government. Failing to investigate going to War with Iraq. Failing to end the War's in Iraq and Afghanistan and starting a new war, without Congressional approval, in Libya.

This is not the behavior of an individual worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize and we the undersigned encourage Nobel to rescind the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Barack Obama.

Why is this important?

The Nobel Peace prize was most likely awarded to Obama for two reasons. 1) based on his pre-election rhetoric/speeches 2) to encourage him to lead the world into a more peaceful existence.

Obama did not follow his own rhetoric and he maintained 2 wars and launched a third.

The whole world can/will sign this petition. It can't be hidden by the US media once it goes worldwide. Tweet Away!