To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Repeal the "Monsanto Protection Act" (Section 735 of HR 933)

HR 933 was supposed to be passed to avoid a government shutdown, nothing more. Repeal the "Monsanto Protection Act" (Section 735) and preserve We The People's right to food safety.

Why is this important?

President Obama signed a spending bill (HR 933) to avoid a government shutdown this week. However, in addition to paying the government's bills for another six months, HR 933 also included a Farmer Assurance Provision ("Monsanto Protection Act") that limits our legal rights while granting big agribusiness like Monsanto sweeping new protections for their little-studied GMO crops. Most notably, the quietly inserted provision strips federal courts of their authority to issue injunctions halting the production of GMO crops, including those known to pose real consumer health risks. And it all happened without a single hearing before the Agricultural or Judiciary Committees. We should not have to choose between a government shutdown and our right to food safety.