To: The Alabama State House, The Alabama State Senate, and Governor Kay Ivey

Repealing Alabama's Immigration Law

Now is the time to take a stand on Alabama's controversial Immigration Law. It has disrupted lives, made a shaky economy even shakier, stifled job growth and made Alabama a less desirable state to live, work or start a business in. Please do your part to make this state better. And to the legislators and Gov. Bentley. You need to take a step forward to make this state stronger. There are many issues in Alabama which need to be resolved but this is the most pressing since it affects many lives and if it remains unresolved, we prove, not as legislators, not as people, but as a state, we are not progressive. And that we believe we live in 1912 instead of 2012. Thank you for your support and your time.

Why is this important?

As a citizenry, we need to appeal this law. It is bad law since it is being challenged in the national courts. It has affected many lives adversely. Children are being pulled out of schools they feel comfortable in and are learning in. Jobs and employers are feeling the effect because businesses are suffering with jobs they can't fill. And lastly, the economy is taking a hit since the money is not there from citizens who are living in fear. Fear which has caused them to leave their employment. Thus businesses who rely on this money now no longer have this money and find it tougher to be successful. Even American born citizens who leave the house without any identification, are risking being arrested and are subject to deportation if they do not fit the profile of looking American. We need an immigration solution but this is not it. Thank you for your attention