To: President Donald Trump

Replace Obama with a Democrat or kiss my vote goodbye!

There is NO WAY IN CREATION that I will again vote for President Obama or any other “Democrat” as disinterested as Obama in restoring America’s (pre-George Bush) economic, moral, and legal traditions.

Why is this important?

President Obama has spurned his mandate and cemented the worst of the Bush legacy, filling his administration with corporate insiders, making backroom deals with industry special interests, and readily conceding every battle to the far right.

Right-wing, corporatist "Democrats" like Mr. Obama will continue to take our vote for granted and ignore America’s needs UNLESS we make it crystal clear that we WILL abandon them in 2012 (a Bush-Lite Democrat who lulls the country to sleep while savaging the middle class and curtailing our civil liberties is NOT the “lesser” of two evils).