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To: Delaware Democratic Party Leadership

Representative Gerald Brady- Resign Now!

As a Delawarean and an American, I am absolutely disgusted by the recent racist remarks of Representative Gerald Brady. Not only did Brady use a degrading and dehumanizing term to refer to someones ethnicity, but it is clear from his email that he also believes that people who participate in sex work do not deserve rights and protection.
With the current rise in anti-Asian rhetoric, it is especially heinous to know that a local elected official is not only part of the hate-speech problem, but also cannot be trusted to represent his AAPI constituents to the full capacity they deserve.
I ask you to urge Gerald Brady to resign. He is a blight to the Democratic Party and no apology will suffice for what he has done.
Constituents in District 4 and the rest of Delaware deserve better.

Why is this important?

A local representative cannot properly represent constituents which he demeans, and as Delawareans and Americans, we should be find that unacceptable.



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