To: The Town of Tarboro, NC, Citizens of the town of Tarboro

Request for Resignation of Tarboro Mayor Rick Page

The State Auditor's report suggests that Tarboro's Mayor may have engaged in wrongdoing or unethical actions. Having Mayor Rick Page continue in his position during this time of pending investigation and directing action of the Town Council in response to the State Auditor's findings represents a potential conflict of interest. Those of us signing this petition call for the immediate resignation of Mayor Rick Page before the August 11, 2014 Council meeting.

Why is this important?

Response to NC State Auditor's report released July 22, 2014.


Reasons for signing

  • Conflict of interest for Mr Page to serve as Mayor at this time, since he has been implicated in the audit.
  • Three words....... What A SHAME!
  • We need better representation... NOW!

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