To: President Donald Trump, The Massachusetts State House, The Massachusetts State Senate, Governor Charlie Baker, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Require complete ingredient list on all product labels

Require full disclosure of all ingredients on product labels.

Why is this important?

I developed an allergy to a preservative that is found in many products, from pesticides and cleaning materials to soaps and cosmetics. I have found it very difficult to avoid this chemical, as ingredients are not always listed, and can be very difficult to locate (webites, emails to companies, phone calls). I found that many people are allergic to this compound, as well as others, and we should be able to easily find out this information in order to protect our health.


Reasons for signing

  • I developed an allergy to Methylisothiazolinone, a preservative, that was in a product marketed as "safe and clear" and for sensitive skin. Just to find out it was highly toxic. I spent thousands of dollars seeing multiple doctors as my vagina felt like it was being drenched in an acid pool for over a year!! I cant believe this. After replacing all my underwear and now only handwashing them with castile soap and baking soda and vinegar, I'm finally finding relief. Please take these dangerous ...
  • I recently react d to this group of chemicals and it has changed my world. It needs to be ban in America. How do we allow a chemical be added to our products that causing allergies at am alarming rate? It needs to be ban and we need to be able to sue the company that is producing it and marketing it to companies to use as a preservative in their products!!!
  • My allergy flares constantly as the ingredients are either not on products or too hard to read. Ive googled for info on certain products but to no avail.