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Rescue Kony's Army: Invisible Children Inc.

Rescue Joseph Kony's Army!

Why is this important?

Joseph Kony lives in Central Africa. What Joseph does is, he abducts African kids. He takes them and he keeps them. He makes the boys killers, usually they have to kill their families. When girls are abducted they are turned into sex slaves and are raped. There is no way out of his group: Lord’s Resistance Army, AKA the LRA. He has adbucted over 30,000 children and had made them child soldiers. he won’t stop what he is doing until he is caught, he found out that the US is now on a making to look for him making him harder to find. Right now, Kony is invisible because no one knows about him.. no one. Tell as many people about Kony as you can and make him visible and know. Donate money if you can. Make him visible. we need change, and we need difference. We need Kony to be famous so we can stop the harm of innocent children. By signing this petition, and sending it to our school board, our high school can become a "sponsor" and spread this news to other school that can spread this idea to other schools as well..making everyone be aware of what this man is doing to children. All we need is a BUNCH of signs so I can personally print them out and bring them to my school board of education, and then they will allow us to go on from there! Thank you to everyone that has signed.