To: Hillsborough County Animal Services, Tampa Bay, Florida

Restore after-hours holds for Hillsborough County Animal Services, Florida

The after-hours holds for rescues allowed more pets' lives to be saved. Each life is valuable, and every effort should be made to save as many as possible. We have created the overpopulation problem, so it is our duty to resolve it as humanely as possible. Placing the convenience of shelter workers above the lives of the animals they are responsible for violates this duty. Please restore the after-hours holds for rescues.

Why is this important?

The Humane Society estimates a healthy pet loses its life about every 11 seconds. The after-hours holds by rescues that HCAS just cancelled allowed more pets' lives to be saved.


Reasons for signing

  • Stop it now. You should have been a No Kill shelter by now!!
  • Isn't it better to do the right thing rather than chancing the odds that the real facts will eventually be made public and you will go down with the ship?
  • Change in policy is over due IMHO

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