To: Board of Natural Resources, The Georgia State House, The Georgia State Senate, and Governor Brian Kemp

Restore Georgia's Marsh Buffer

On Earth Day, April 22, Georgia's Environmental Protection Division (EPD) issued a stunning "directive" abolishing the longstanding 25-foot buffer along Georgia's tidal marshes. Since 1975, the buffer has protected the marsh against polluted runoff and impinging development. Help restore the marsh buffer by asking public officials to reverse the EPD directive immediately.

Why is this important?

Recent reinterpretation of law by a state agency has abruptly and unjustifiably eliminated the protective natural buffer along Georgia's marshlands and other contiguous wetlands. The health and productivity of Georgia's tidal marshes will be degraded by eliminating the buffer, jeopardizing coastal fisheries, recreational areas, tourism, and quality of life. To prevent such threats the buffer must be restored.

Since 1997, the Center for a Sustainable Coast has represented the public interest in safeguarding Georgia's coastal resources including shorelines, waterways, wildlife habitat, fisheries and vast areas of tidal marsh.