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Restore Health Insurance Control

Health Insurance Companies have held Antitrust Exemptions since the late 1930's. This was done as a response to the inability of individuals following the Great Depression to pay for medical expenses, and encourage Insurers to enter the Health Care market.
Unfortunately, Health Insurance Companies have every year since, lobbied to maintain Antitrust Exemptions using millions of dollars a year from their own customers to maintain this control. In this way, they have maintained control over health care for a profit motive only. This is nothing short of "Managed Racketeering" and maintains only one or two Health Care Insurers in most states. Antitrust provisions need to be reinstated to control cost and create competition which currently does not exist.
Few Patients or even Physicians realize that this is one of the largest reasons that Health Care is so expensive and poorly controlled. Restoring Antitrust Laws so they apply to the Health Insurance Industry would restore competition to a currently "Price Fixed" Market.

Why is this important?

Restore Antitrust Controls on the Health Insurance Industry