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To: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump

Restore independent travel to Cuba

Dear President Trump,

We appreciate that you have maintained general licenses for most forms of non-tourist travel by US citizens to Cuba, including people to people programs for escorted groups.

However we ask you to reconsider your suspension of the people to people individual general license. The termination of independent travel curtails the freedom of US citizens and seriously damages the private sector in both countries.

Why is this important?

In June President Trump announced his intention to limit the freedom of Americans by terminating our right to travel independently to Cuba for a self-designed people to people program.

In effect he distrusted not only the integrity of individual travel goals but also the ability of average Americans to share their faith in freedom through personal contact and practice.

US airlines and AirBnB will see a dramatic decline in business from individuals, families and friends who cannot afford or are uncomfortable in group tours.

Cuban entrepreneurs face a major set-back from the loss of American customers. They include private bed and breakfasts, restaurants, drivers and guides as well as supporting sectors in design, construction, furnishings and supplies.

Until new regulations are announced by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, Americans have the right to travel independently. The President can still avoid the presumably unintended costs.

The Trump Administration also has the unique historic potential to restore full freedom of travel to all Americans. A bipartisan majority of 55 Senators already cosponsor legislation to end discriminatory restrictions on visits to Cuba. With the President's support, a similar majority could be found in the House of Representatives from business, agriculture and libertarian Republicans in coalition with pro-engagement Democrats.

Petition co-sponsors:
Fund for Reconciliation and Development
Latin America Working Group
Natural Environmental Ecological Management (NEEM)


Reasons for signing

  • Nothing to gain from holding a grudge against a neighbor. Let us learn. No restriction on visits. Nothing to lose.
  • Cuba frightens the U.S. - as it should, in its capitalist (U.S.') form. We the people will ever struggle against our Owners.
  • In my experience people to people contact does more to encourage the exchange of ideas and information than any of the proposed changes would lead to. It also results in supporting small businesses and local business owners who have no government connections.


2021-01-11 14:36:25 -0500

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