To: NJ Democratic State Committee

Restore John Wisniewski as superdelegate

Democratic bosses ousted John Wisniewski as one of New Jersey's superdelegates because he supports Bernie Sanders.
This is a dirty trick that exposes the lack of respect for diversity and independent thought. It must be reversed.

Why is this important?

This petition seeks to correct injustice.


Reasons for signing

  • Perpetual motion can not be stopped and neither can we! Now that we have been awakened to the reality and extent of corruption corroding our Democracy... How can we ever go back to believing a third party is not our sole life raft.
  • Why drop him?
  • Outrageous! The NJ Dem party needs to remove it's collective head from Hillary's behind so it can remember basic democratic decency & ethics. Restore Wiz as NJ superdelegate.