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Restore Parking Oversight of SFMTA

We believe San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA) staff violated ethical and legal standards in the implementation of new parking regulations. As San Francisco residents, we request the Board of Supervisors:

- investigate how SFMTA staff avoided public review and improperly obtained SFMTA Board approval for new 'Policies for On-Street Parking Management.'

- establish a method for the public to appeal SFMTA parking decisions to the Board of Supervisors, as currently authorized by the City Charter, Section 8A.102(b)8(i).

Why is this important?

In 2007, the citizens of San Francisco gave SFMTA authority to manage and update City parking policies, without ongoing oversight from the Board of Supervisors.

SFMTA published the 'Policies for On-Street Parking Management' document in order to "provide transparency in how the agency makes decisions." The agency promised the document contained "no new policies" and only clarified "where we do (and do not) use parking meters and residential parking permits.”

Public data, internal emails, and dissenting staff memos prove otherwise.

SFMTA staff misled their own Board of Directors and violated the public trust by creating all new policies. Even after appeals from 20+ neighborhood and business associations and the agency's Citizen Advisory Committee to rescind the policies, the SFMTA Board has taken no action.

The Board of Supervisors must step in to provide oversight and accountability.


Reasons for signing

  • The SFMTA exists virtually without oversight. It does what it wants to. they want to gridlock the whole City for their own agenda of transit first to increase their fiefdom We have the Highest meter citation amount in the united states. They use it to finance proposals like this stupidity. We need public oversight to reign them. STOP THE SFMTA
  • The SMFTA is out of control and needs to be held accountable to the people of San Francisco. Ed Reiskin needs to be removed from his position and replaced with a person who will listen to residents.
  • The SFMTA has grown to be an out of control monster. It needs to be dismantled immediately starting with Parking and Traffic being split off and restored to pre 1998.

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