To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Return Congress To The Voters

We the undersigned voters of the United States hereby petition Congress to enact and send to the States an Amendment to the United States Constitution defining a "person" as set forth in the Constitution as a human being, and to restrict the terms of all federal elected officials to two terms in the House of Representatives and two terms in the Senate during the official's lifetime.

Why is this important?

The only way American democracy and our Republic will survive is to eliminate Congressional seniority and unlimited corporate contributions. We are calling for a constitutional amendment to provide two terms for all federal elected officials and to redefine that only live, natural human beings are "persons." Congress represents contributors' interest, not the voters. The seniority system is undemocratic. Being repeatedly reelected gives a senator or congressman more power than those who are new to congress. This enables them to raise enormous amounts of money for their own reelection and those of other representatives whose votes they control. To eliminate this we need to limit the terms of elected officials just like the President's two term limit. With seniority gone each representative's power will equal every other elected representative's power. Without the ridiculous decision that corporations and other artificial entities are "persons" under the Constitution enabling them to contribute billions unrestricted into political campaigns, Congress could restrict political contributions reasonably to prevent artificially created financial entities (corporations, partnerships, LLCs, etc.) from owning Congress. Unless we do this, our democracy, our Repucblic and our nation's middle class are doomed.