To: The Maine State House, The Maine State Senate, and Governor Janet Mills

Revoke Central Maine Power's License To Operate A Utility

We need a Maine based company with reasonable rates, accurate meters, and a billing system that doesn't overcharge customers; a company that is honest with the consumer and has complete transparency when issues arise.

Why is this important?

Central Maine power has been overcharging customers since 2011, is unethical in their business practices, has lied (and continues to do so) to their customers and the MPUC (this is how they managed to push through the Certificate of Public need for the NECEC). Mainer’s want a Maine based Public utility with reasonable rates, SAFE & RELIABLE power, MAINE based customer service centers, NO corporate greed . Maine people should be able to live their lives “the way life should be” instead of working just to pay a utility bill. CMP has higher rates than NY without N.Y. Incomes. We want and NEED a PUBLIC owned utility company.
Why should we be PUBLICLY owned? 1) WE OWN the lines, assets, and the Maine grid - 2) It’s a NON-PROFIT Company (no more lining the greedy pockets of foreign shareholders) - 3) All profits are required to go back into the company for maintenance and upgrades to our grid, including vegetation management. - 4) Run by our MAINE citizens - 5) we will have REAL transparency - 6) MAINE citizens WILL have a say in the decision making - 7) All of our PERSONAL INFORMATION will be BACK in Maine not in SPAIN.


Reasons for signing

  • Cmp is robbing hard working people.
  • Charged double a bill and had no power for a week from wind storm in October that everyone lost power.
  • Unethical business/billing practices. We are being billed too much.

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