To: Jeffrey Bourne, Richmond City School Board Chair, Donald Coleman, School Board Member, Glen Sturtevant Jr., School Board Member, Shonda Harris Muhammed, School Board Member, Kimberly Gray, School Board Member, Kristen Larson, School Boar...

Richmond Public Schools plans to hire undertrained teachers!

Keep Teach for America teachers out of Richmond City Public Schools.

Why is this important?

We the undersigned oppose the plan proposed by Richmond (VA) Public Schools' Board to contract with Teach For America (TFA). Richmond Public Schools claims that TFA teachers will fill vacant posts in our schools. We oppose contracting for teachers in this way because:
1) It is not cost-effective: TFA costs the Richmond Public Schools $5000 per-teacher above the regular salary
2) TFA teachers only receive 5 weeks of training, and have little to no experience working with children of color prior to being accepted in the program.
3) TFA teachers only teach for 2 years, and the turnover makes improving schools even more difficult.