To: Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner

Roger Goodell Resign as NFL Commissioner Immediately

By signing and sharing this petition you are demanding the NFL Owners to Replace Roger Goodell Immediately and be fair to the officials and all the professionals that bring integrity to the NFL.

Why is this important?

It is very simple, Roger Goodell is making a mockery out of the NFL for the sake of money! There is no explanation that I can write here that can replace what has been witnessed by the eyes and ears of every NFL Fan around the World. Every team in the NFL, along with their fans, have suffered from his rule. Roger Goodell needs to be replaced!


Reasons for signing

  • He bent his knee to blacks and discriminates against whites and others.
  • He has ruined the sport. I was raised in Colorado. God, family,football. Now its God, family, hockey. See ya never NFL
  • Roger Goodell is a spineless piece of garbage who does not care about the fans or players. The USA is about all races, men and women who are created equal. In America, we do not see the color of a person skin as a definition as an American, we see them as a brother or a sister. The National Anthem is a song about the United States, the American citizens living in a country of freedom and unity.

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