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To: Roselle Borough Council

Roselle Mayor Donald Shaw must resign!

Roselle Mayor Donald Shaw must resign because he moved to Elizabeth, agreed to a mortgage provision that he would make the home he purchased on Thomas Street his primary residence, and then defrauded residents of Roselle by lying about his actions. Roselle Mayor Donald Shaw must resign before he is indicted for mortgage fraud, which would bring shame and dishonor to our community.

These selfish actions are typical of the conduct that has made Americans sour on our representative democracy, as evidenced by the fact that the Union County regular political organization rewarded the lying Mayor with an $80,000 job in county government at taxpayer expense.

Donald Shaw must resign as Roselle Mayor!

Why is this important?

Roselle deserves a Mayor who lives here and shares our community values, but most of all we deserve elected officials who respect us enough to tell the truth.



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