To: Juan Oropesa, Councilor, Dusty Huckabee, Councilor, Steve Henderson, Councilor, Jimmy Craig, Councilor, Jeanine Best, Councilor, Art Sandoval, Councilor, Savino Sanchez, Jr., Councilor, Jason Perry, Councilor, Elena Velasquez, Councilor,...

Roswell. Little green men welcome. Two gay men, not.

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For more than 60 years, Roswell has been a destination for families - and beings - of all types from around the world and across the universe.

But this week you'll be asked to take a vote telling same-sex families and their children they aren't welcome.

People around the world - and beyond - equate Roswell with New Mexico. I urge you not to set Roswell and New Mexico back 60 years by passing this traditional marriage resolution.

Why is this important?

Roswell is known as a welcoming place for people - and beings - from around the universe.

But this week City Councilors will take a vote to tell gay families they aren't welcome. Don't let a few councilors set Roswell back 60 years by passing this traditional marriage resolution.


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