To: Sen. Rick Scott (FL-2)

Senator Rubio: Return the NRA's bribe money

I want Senator Marco Rubio to give back the $3,303,355 he received from the NRA! This is clearly bribery, and shows that his concern is not at all for gun safety, but rather his bottom line! He is certainly not a man of integrity!

Why is this important?

What happened to the kids and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School near where I live in Florida is a tragedy, but once again Senator Rubio stood with the NRA instead of protecting his own constituents or the American people. Rubio still wants civilians to have assault weapons. And he said on Twitter that it's a "terrible day you pray never comes" about the attack while going on CNN a week later and refusing to distance himself from the NRA.

Thoughts and prayers are not enough–especially when he's cozy with the NRA's extreme agenda!

If you ask me this is bribe money. How else can you explain such a lack of action to stop gun violence when our children and community members are being slaughtered?

Rubio and his fellow Republicans have taken tens of millions from the NRA and the gun lobby! No wonder Rubio keeps siding with gun manufacturers over the safety of our kids. We have to stop all politicians from taking money from the NRA and gun lobby! We need them to work for "the People" not for big business!

Sen. Rubio is a national Republican figure, and we must hold him accountable for what he and his party are doing to our communities.