To: Russ Feingold, Senator

Russ Feingold for Senate 2012

Senator Feingold,

We, The Young Progressives, are requesting that you nominate yourself for Senate in 2012.

We are at a critical impasse in our nation’s history. With corporate money overwhelming the voices of average American people, we will not have a spokesman capable of standing up to corporate influences.

There is no question that Senator Kohl will leave a significant void behind when he retires, which is why we need your voice back in Washington. You are the best candidate we have to fight against corporate interests and to hold them accountable. You have a strong base of support in Wisconsin and around the country. We appreciate everything that you have done in the past, and we are calling on your help once more. Stand up for us and we'll stand up for you.

- The Young Progressives and concerned Wisconsin citizens everywhere

Why is this important?

The Young Progressives, a University of Wisconsin-Madison political organization, is calling on fellow Wisconsinites to reelect Russ Feingold back into Senate for 2012.