To: Ruth Johnson, Secretary of State and Ruth Johnson, Michigan Secretary of State

Ruth Johnson: Treat DREAMers Fairly

It makes no sense to deny drivers licenses to immigrants who have been granted the right to stay in Michigan. We need to make Michigan welcoming to immigrants--change your policy today.

Why is this important?

I am Adonis Flores, a student leader at Wayne State University, and public relations director of my fraternity. I have lived in the United States since I was brought to Detroit by my parents as a child. I've been an active advocate for the DREAM Act, a spokesperson regarding the issues affecting students, and have organized forums on the issue for everyone from students to union members. Recently, I've been active organizing students to support DREAM Relief and voter registration efforts. Secretary of State Ruth Johnson just announced she's denying drivers licenses to young immigrants who have been allowed to stay under a recent action by the Obama Administration. So I'm calling on Ruth Johnson to give drivers licenses to DREAMers, because it's not right to tell us we can work but we can't drive.